Salmon and Green Beans

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1 lb fresh salmon
low sodium soy sauce
toasted sesame seeds
veggie spray
set oven rack high, turn on broiler. coat pan with non stick spray put salmon on pan sprinkle with slat and pepper, broil on high for 7 min. remove form oven and sprinkle with soy sauce and a pinch of sesame seeds. broil 2 more min. remove from oven and let sit for a few. remove skin. 3 servings

green beans
fresh green beans 1 cup
butter 1T
shallot 1 chopped
almonds slivered for garnish
saute shallot in butter. in separate pan boil water to cover green beans. put beans in and parboil for 2 min. rinse beans with cold water. add beans to shallots with almonds. cook on high for 2 min stirring. salt and pepper to taste 1 serving

both are from the Thin Kitchen booklet that BeachBody puts out

1 red, 2 green, 1 orange, 3 teaspoons