Gadget reviews!

There are two new gadgets in my life.  One is the previously mentioned Ninja blender which i got for my birthday this year.  The other is a GTX101 indoor grill.  I have now tried both and can write a review of a sort, with pictures.


For the blender, so far i have mostly tried the single serving cup, because well there is only the one of me. 😀

Frozen fruit, Shakeology, water together blends really well, really fast.  certainly better then any blender i have ever owned before.


ninja   ninja2   ninja 3

Please excuse the messy kitchen.  That is strawberries, peaches, chocolate Shakeology and some water.  3 pulses of about 2 seconds each and poof, awesome shake.  I have not yet tried the main pitcher with the 6 bladed rotating thing in it.  Once i hit the store this week i will have some more things to blend.


The GTX101 indoor grill was more of a breakfast maker.  2 eggs, some frozen bell peppers defrosted, some onions, and a bit of cheese.

egg thing   eggs   eggs2

The eggs cooked in about 4 minutes, which is how long it took me to set up the Ninja and find all the fruit to put in it and blend my shake, so the timing for breakfast was great!

I put the two egg halves together with the cheese inside, and they melted the cheese making it a rather nice omeletty sort of thing.  The non stick surface was great, i didn’t have to do anything other then wipe it down with a paper towel.  Technically i should have sprayed some non stick spray but honestly … i forgot to do that and nothing stuck to anything.


I think i would have to recommend both gadgets.  Super easy and convenient.


GTX 101

Ninja Pro

Dinner Salad (and lunch)

dinner salad

Someone was asking me the other day if i starve myself on my planned meals nutrition program thing. Well… this was Thursday’s dinner. Salad. With balsamic chicken, strawberries, spinach, sunflower seeds and balsamic dressing (balsamic, olive oil, honey, dijon mustard, lemon juice).

large bowl of it too.

I really really LOVE dinner salad, its healthy and supper filling.

A serving is 1 red container, 1 green container, 1 purple container and 1 orange container (dressing and seeds)


Then i took the leftovers and turned them into lunches.  It turns out that mason jars seal really well (i know, everyone who made canned food knows that!) and the food in them stays fresh forever, even when you store it with dressing already in.  Had one for lunch today and it was absolutely glorious.


jars of salad pic